Akash Agarwal

Founder, Myresqr.life

Akash Agarwal

Founder, Myresqr. life has been into consumer retail space for more than 30 years and proudly proclaims to have started his career at an age of 9 years when most kids his age were busy playing in grounds, as an assistant to his entrepreneur mother who was among the first few women entrepreneurs in his home town Agra during the mid-’80s.

Akash completed his formal education in science and attained his PG in Management from Symbiosis Institute of International Business followed by another PG degree in Economics.
He has been instrumental in launching and selling multiple concept brands and products in the Indian Market starting from Nakshatra Diamonds, Magppie, Zwilling, Recliners India, SIGG, ZAGG to his own startup ideas in healthcare and emergency response communication.

He is on a constant search for innovative ideas that can have a meaningful impact in people’s daily lives. Akash also advises young startups on scaling up and strategy for growth. He believes that there is no shortcut to hard work and success and investor funding should never be used to discount your product or services for the end consumer.

myresQR.life is India’s only mobile App Independent Emergency Alert ID that works both with & without a smartphone and with & without Internet. This is 1st of its kind Emergency Response Communication Interface.
Akash having spent most of his life in sales who has witnessed many emergency situations either with himself or with his peers and a few of these incidents resulted in the demise of the victim since the info was not available to any stakeholder. This inspired him to find a solution that is frugal, can be used by masses and affordable to use, providing a complete end-to-end solution for an emergency victim across the globe, developed myresQR.life

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