Dr Shiv Nagaraj

Senior Research Fellow, QUT

Dr Shiv Nagaraj

overall focus is on the development and application of bioinformatics approaches that utilize large amounts of data to solve problems in cancer biology.He combines NGS and Mass-Spectrometry technologies focused to cancer research (e.g. understand the role of EMT in pancreatic and breast cancer, understand the difference between breast and inflammatory breast cancer). He actively collaborates with a number of Australian and international researchers which includes clinicians as well as industry partners


Over the last ten years, he has been a part of an exciting phase in computational biology and have worked on research problems involving genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. In this process,He has developed bioinformatics methods and software that are valuable and are of practical utility to the wider scientific community.

19.00 - 20.30 PM IST Healthtech

Saturday 6th Mar

Biomedical imaging and Artificial Intelligence for precision medicine