Dr Subhash Narayan

Founder & CEO ,Sascan Meditech

Dr Subhash Narayan

Founder & CEO, Sascan Meditech a Physicist by training who has traversed through different disciplines such as laser technology, optoelectronics, atmospheric sciences, biophotonics, remote sensing, and biomedicine, integrating the interaction of light with matter and using it for minimally or non-invasive detection of vegetation/coral stress, disease diagnostics and therapeutics. For the past decade, He has been working on early detection of oral and cervical cancers using point monitoring and multispectral imaging techniques. I have also worked on tooth demineralization, caries/plaque detection and periodontitis screening using optical imaging and its treatment using antimicrobial photodynamic therapy. He works in close collaboration with clinicians, intertwining engineering with medicine, to provide new insights and enhance the clinical experience to the benefit of society.

13.00 - 14.30 PM IST Healthtech

Saturday 6th Mar

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