Mr Adarsh Natarajan

CEO & Founder at AIndra Systems

Mr. Adarsh Natarajan

CEO & Founder ,AIndra Systems, With more than a decade's experience working in the IT industry spanning various roles in multiple geographies, my Entrepreneurship journey started after completing my MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. I founded AIndra Systems, a Startup creating products in the area of Computer Vision, a domain under Artificial Intelligence.

Aindra's Vision is to create products that have a deep impact on the society and believes that this vision can be achieved by the use of Artificially Intelligent technology. The idea for the startup came when I was asked to find a solution to the problem of subsidy leakage in Govt sanctioned schemes for the rural school-going children.

Aindra is now leveraging the AI platform that we built and are building products in the extremely cutting edge domain of 'Computational Pathology'. They are working on developing a Point-of-Care cancer detection platform that has, as its heart, an Artificial Intelligence engine. We believe technology can democratise healthcare in India and other developing countries.

He was chosen as a delegate of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in San Francisco in 2016 organised by the US govt. And he was selected by State of Karnataka to represent the startup community at BioKorea in 2016 and also one of the 5 startup founders selected by Dept of Biotechnology to visit Cambridge UK in 2016.

At Aindra Systems, He take care of Market sensing, Opportunity sizing, Product Management, Business Development and Sales. I am ably supported by a young and enthusiastic team and mentored by some extremely sharp veterans


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