Mr Vijai Shankar Raja

MD of HELYXON Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Vijai Shankar Raja,

is the Managing Director of HELYXON, is a Technocrat & Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years of Healthcare Industry experience, with in-depth knowledge about industry needs, challenges, and opportunities, well connected in the healthcare industry. Vijai Shankar being a successful Serial Entrepreneur, on move to make the next wave in the healthcare industry.
Vijai had been at the forefront of building digital radiography equipment. Now with Helyxon, he is trying to make healthcare accountable using data. Prior to HELYXON, Vijai Shankar Raja, was the founder of CURA Healthcare, a medical equipment company, manufacturing Digital Radiography products. he was also the co-founder of AVANTTEC, a healthcare IT product company, prior to starting CURA.
The startup developed the devices in collaboration with IITM’s Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) initially meant to monitor the health of newborn babies.
He says doctors and healthcare providers can use HELYXON’s products to monitor the patients from their homes or from the isolation wards. Apart from monitoring the patient’s body temperature, the device also provides geo-fencing tracking alerts to the caretakers to keep a tab on the movement of the patients. The device also monitors connectivity to ensure the patient does not remove the device from their body as it may result in data loss
Vijay, who comes with 30+ years of experience in the healthcare sector, believes the Indian healthcare industry has three major problems - affordability, reach, and trust. Due to poor healthcare infrastructure and a low doctor-patient ratio, not everyone has access to healthcare facilities in the country. If doctors cannot reach all patients physically, technology is the best way to solve the issue with virtual consultations. Technology can thus enable the reach and gain the trust of the patients. And with these two, the affordability of healthcare also becomes possible


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