Ms. Prathima Jagadish

Founder, CRECERS Academy

Ms. Prathima Jagadish

Founder, CRECERS Academy, A corporate Leader turned Academic, Entrepreneur who is super fascinated with the concept of Personal Mastery and in Building Professional Capability.

Prathima says human resource is a profession by choice and so landed up being chosen as Top 100 HR Profesional in APAC Teaching, training, coaching as it is in my DNA and so have always been a part of academics since my full-time corporate citizen phase which enchantingly encouraged me to explore
Crecers  was my brainchild to build an emotionally intelligent generation through the 'Life Skills' program. As an ardent HR Professional, ambition is been always to elevate HR Professionals with better business acumen and build their professional capability to have a great career progression.

Has won a bunch of awards including best workforce women award and an entrepreneurial award from NFED and the journey continues to build my aspiration of coaching in Life Skills and also host a Diploma in Comprehensive HRM at Crecers


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Friday 5th Mar

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