Madhu Chandan

Madhu Chandan

SpecialityFounder of Organic Mandya

Till August 2014, Madhu Chandan was living the American dream, a life of comfort and ease with his wife and daughter in San Jose, California. He travelled the world, worked for 15 years with various companies and became the cofounder of a company in San Jose, USA. He had the world at his feet as the product he designed for this company had become a leader in the field.

He used to frequently come to Bangalore where his company’s R&D center was located. While in Bangalore, he noticed that many low earning individuals like cab drivers, maids, security guards were from his hometown, Mandya. What started to bother him was that these people were the sons and daughters of farmers, who used to live a healthy, wealthy lifestyle in the past, but now have been succumbed to life in poverty. His visits to Mandya (it used to be India’s one of the richest districts), unfolded a disturbing trend of youth migrating to cities, reducing life expectancy, and increasing farmer suicides.

He had a different dream about his native place. He convinced his family and moved from the US back to Mandya in the year 2014.

In 2015, he started a game changing social movement called “Organic Mandya” in his home district Mandya. Organic Mandya was born with an intention to uplift the marginal farmers and to make his district chemical free by 2020.

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